We Need Change, Not One Direction

Image from One Direction's website.

I’d like to quote one of the young girls who was waiting at Sydney airport yesterday for the British boy band One Direction to arrive. She said:

“This moment is, like, my life, this, I was born for this moment. You just see them and you just want to cry all the time. They’re beautiful. They’re the reason that my world goes round.”

This quote made me sad and angry. I’m sad that they are so many girls like this girl and I’m angry that they feel this way. We should be raising our youth, especially our girls, to believe in themselves. To believe that their lives don’t have to revolve around the latest celebrity or any other person to have meaning. These girls should be taught that there’s more to life than five beautiful British boys who happen to sing songs like You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful.

They should know that they’re beautiful, and powerful, and can have purpose in their lives by making their own purpose. I think we need more role models in our community who push this message. More people who get involved with our youth and say, “Hey, you’re one great person. And you’re going to achieve amazing things when you set your mind to it.” We need people willing to inspire others to follow their own path, and not all head in one direction (terrible pun intended).

If I ever met this girl, I’d take her out for a coffee (or tea or smoothies). I’d ask her what she’s passionate about (other than the obvious) and I’d encourage her to put her biggest dream into action, today. We all have big dreams, world changing dreams. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all acted on our big dreams? If all our youth got involved in dreaming big and making their world a better place?

I just think that the fans of One Direction represent a crazy extreme. Girls who are 13, 14, 15 should not be waiting for 15 hours at an airport to get a glimpse of a boy band. They should be making plans to do their own amazing thing. They should be getting enough sleep and doing well in school and encouraging their friends to do the same.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t like One Direction, and I’m not saying they can’t be crazy fans. I just wish that they had a little perspective and had the tools and resources in their lives to put as much passion into their own dreams as they do into the dream of getting a glimpse of some pop stars. As a community (and as parents) our job is to provide young people with these tools, resources and good role models.

What do you think?

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3 Responses to We Need Change, Not One Direction

  1. Drew Mason says:

    what a powerful message and so very well written!

  2. Mutti says:

    May I concur! Well done.

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