Turning 21

Last year I wrote a list of twenty thing I wanted to do while I was twenty. I actually only did seven of those things. But here’s another 13 things I did do while I was twenty.

  1. Lived with my best friend for a month.
  2. Moved to Melbourne to live with my dad.
  3. Moved out with a mate from high school.
  4. Visited my family in Vietnam.
  5. Travelled to Uganda and built a classroom.
  6. Quit my old job. Got a new job. Quit that job. Got a better new job. Got promoted.
  7. Was commissioned to build a website for a stranger (!)
  8. Cut my own hair really short.
  9. Patched my front tire repeatedly (not from bad repair jobs, but from riding over glass so often in my uni commute).
  10. Decorated my entire room in fake leaves and flowers.
  11. Started a new university degree.
  12. Started a daily gratitude blog. Haven’t missed a day in 2012 so far!
  13. Regularly rode my bike as transport. Became faster in my daily commute.

So, even though I didn’t finish the list I wanted, I’m pretty happy with what I did achieve in the last year. I’m not going to make a list of things to do while I’m 21, but maybe in a year I’ll do a recap of 21 things I did and surprise you all.

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