Tuesday Bonus! Because… I Thought It Might Be Fun!

I saw a cute post by Zoe of Giraffe In A Scarf over here and I thought I might join in on the fun! So here is a quick A-Z of things you probably don’t know about me. And if you do one yourself, comment with the link here and share the fun around!

Age: Almost 20!!!

B. Bed Size: Single, like a cave, surrounded by tall furniture in a squashy kind of room. I love it. I had a Queen for 6 months and never really used it all myself!

C. Chore You Dislike: Depends on the day. But usually folding clothes. Because sometimes usually it’s just easier to leave them on the floor!

D. Dogs: Nope. Well, I live with a dog, but she’s not mine and I’m not a huge fan of dogs. She’s well behaved though…

E. Essential Start to Your Day: In the winter it’s a cup of herbal tea, in the summer it’s a huge stretch before I get out of bed.

I think this is a cup of lotus tea. I have a lot of different ones to choose from!

F. Favorite Color: Purple and Blue. I wear a lot of purple, but I like a lot of blue.

G. Gold or Silver: Silver. And never diamonds.

H. Height: 170cm.

I. Instruments You Play(ed): I play a tiny bit of piano and can I know how to annoy a neighbourhood with a recorder!

J. Job Title: Au-Pair/Pre-service Teacher.

K. Kids: I know, I “work” with kids, I’m studying to become a primary school teacher, but I’m still not sure if I want kids myself. But, I’m only 19, so not for a good few years yet I think!

L. Live: Narangba (outer Northern Suburbs of Brisbane), Queensland, Australia, Earth.

M. Mum’s Name: Sue-Lyn. But I call her mum, mumma, or mu-uuuuum!

N. Nicknames: I have a lot. My favourites are Zo, Zozo and Bubbles

At year 12 Retreat where I got the nickname Bubbles. You can't really see it, but I have a bird painted on one cheek and a peace sign and a carrot on the other!

O. Overnight Hospital Stays: Not that I remember

P. Pet Peeves: People who choose to be ignorant in the face of knowledge. And people who swear on trains.

Q. Quote from a Movie: “Don’t be afraid of death, Winnie. Be afraid of the unlived life.” – Tuck Everlasting (2002)

R. Righty or Lefty: Righty.

S. Siblings: Two younger sisters and Two younger brothers. Three of whom are overseas with my parents, one of whom moved to the same suburb as me by coincidence.

My siblings along with my half my parents, one sister's boyfriend and a loved family friend on the night before most of them left the country.

T. Time You Wake Up: Most mornings between 6 and 6.30 but twice a week I need to be up be about 5.40 to get to uni on time

U. Underwear:  Yes. What about them?

V. Veggies You Don’t Like: Off the top of my head? I’m pretty sure I haven’t found one yet! But I’ll keep searching I guess… And yes, I’ve tried and enjoyed brussel sprouts!

W. What Makes You Run Late: Losing track of time when reading something good or hitting the snooze button one a few too many times!

X. X-Rays You’ve Had: A few back scans (I’ve got some funny curvy thing happening with my spine that’s not supposed to happen) and I guess I got arm X-rays when I broke it back in grade 1. Oh and plenty of teeth X-rays, if they count.

Y. Yummy Food You Make: Pretty much anything I make I find yummy (why would I make it otherwise?) But I’ve been loving chocolate mousse lately!

Z. Zoo Animal Favorites: I still haven’t decided whether I currently support the notion zoos or not. But as a kid I loved  going to Alma Park Zoo to hug koalas and see the sun bears

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  1. Zoe says:

    Oh, people who swear on trains, I hate that too. And I’ve never gotten Zozo! I should, someone should call me Zozo.

    • VeryZoe says:

      Just start referring to yourself as Zozo. People will think it’s a nickname you already have and will start calling you Zozo too! I’ve done that with other nicknames before haha, it works especially well with people you’ve just met ;)

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