Tonight I Turned Off the TV

Tonight, I turned off the TV.
I went outside and looked at the stars.
I ate my dinner with consciousness.
I played music that makes me feel alive and good.
I sang, loudly and out of tune.
I danced in joy.
I smiled.
I wiggled my toes in the cold grass.
I took a deep breath.
I was inspired. And I listened to my muse.

Tonight, I said no.
No to eating bad food.
No to being lazy.
No to boredom, no to excuses, no to conformity.
No to negativity.

Tonight, I felt free.

Tomorrow, I will wake up.
I will go outside and admire the sky.
I will eat with consciousness.
I will listen to nourishing music.
I will sing, dance and smile.
I will stand still.
I will feel amazing, and inspired and at peace.

Tomorrow, I will be free.

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  1. Peta Rowney says:

    Zoe you are one in a million. You’re a little eccentric but you already know that. You are an inspiration to all of us who know you. Enjoyed our catch up when we came down. Maybe next time there might be enough time to take you to lunch. Cross fingers……. All our love to you. Be Happy!!!! xoxox PS: Also caught up with Toni and Darcy on Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours. Good stuff. xx

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