Things That I Know To Be True

Listening to my intuition I have no problem with, it’s taking action that lets me down. These things, I know to be true:

  • I know that my posture is better when I regularly do simple yoga.
  • I know that I feel better about my day when I wake up early and am productive in the first few hours of the morning.
  • I know that I function best of 7.5 or 9 hours of sleep per night.
  • I know that I am more easily irritated and upset when I am tired or hungry, and especially so when I am both.
  • I know that my teeth are whiter and my gums healthier when I brush and floss twice a day.

I do not act on these truths.

Currently I have shocking posture and my back often aches at the end of a working day. I know how to fix this problem, but I haven’t incorporated a bit of yoga into my weekly routine yet.

I recently discovered I had gingivitis, and it was as a result of not brushing and flossing enough. I’ve fixed that now, but it would have been easier had I not fallen out of the habit of flossing in the first place.

I know I feel best when I’m in the habit of early-to-bed, early-to-rise, but lately I’ve been staying up late to finish assignments then either sleeping in late to make up for it, or cutting my sleep short to get to work or uni on time.

It frustrates me that I know how to make my life better, and that the steps to do so are simple and easy to manage, but I don’t do them. And it’s not like there’s something impossible stopping me like money or time. Most of the things I need to start doing are free and take minutes out of each day. A few yoga stretches in the morning, remembering to floss when I brush, preparing enough food to get me through the day.

I know I like to procrastinate, and I know that sometimes often I give in to things that make me happy short term as opposed to delaying instant gratitude for a better long term outcome.

I know I would like to make my own life better. And I know that I already know how to do it. So starting tonight, I’m going to start building habits. Habits like:

  • doing 5 minutes of yoga stretches every morning and 5 minutes every evening.
  • flossing when I brush morning and evening.
  • going to bed in time to get at least 7.5hours of sleep and wake up reasonably early.
  • eating healthy meals regularly.

I do some of these things most of the time, but it won’t take much to make these habits stronger- to build  up the yoga time every month until I’m doing 30 minutes a day, to make flossing an automatic part of my brushing routine, to change my sleep cycle.

I’ll start with baby steps. More importantly though, I’ll keep stepping. Baby steps become toddler steps, which become teen steps, which become adult steps, which finally become the old-and-stuck-in-their-ways kind of steps. Habits.

What is something you know to be true? How can you incorporate it into your life to make it better? Start right now, with one baby step. Tomorrow, take another step.

That’s the only way- tomorrow, take another step.

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2 Responses to Things That I Know To Be True

  1. Brittney says:

    YOGA. I need to finally try it for the same reasons. I also need to realize I do need sleep, but I also need to wake up in time to get things done before work. Because as totally stress-free as my current “OMG WHERE ARE MY PANTS IM THIRTY MINUTES LATE” routine is, I could probably stand some improvement… ;)

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