The Reading Nook: Peppermint Tea

The Reading Nook is a new weekly installment here on It’s all about sharing the links of things that are good to read curled up on a Sunday afternoon in a cozy reading nook.

Reading Nook & LadderPhoto by Katiekills’ on Flickr.

This week I wanted to share some of the inspiring things I’ve read. The things that I’d like to read while curled up with a cup of peppermint tea, getting ready to take over the world!

Leonie Dawson of wrote about which of her 2012 goals came true and which ones didn’t. This inspires me to fill out my 2013 workbooks and to go back over my 2012 ones to see which goals and dreams I made come true this year.

Julien Smith of wrote a list of things you should know. Some of them make me want leap out of my cozy reading nook and be amazing, some of them aren’t right for me. But that’s the great thing about lists, you can pick and choose.

Alison of alidoesitherself put together this little list of DIY beauty products. I want to try making the lip balm and the deodorant.

 Danielle Leduc wrote for McSweeney’s an open letter to the job market, which is funny and sad and makes me glad I have a job that I like.

Finally, this song by Switchfoot, Dare You To Move, never fails to inspire me. Click here to watch if you can’t see the video below.

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