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My Four Favourite Quotes

There are many thing I probably *should* be blogging about right now (like going to Africa in 8 days, how my writing challenge went, how much I love my bike…), but this one is calling to me to be shared. So here I am sharing my four favourite quotes. Continue reading

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ProjectBox- Big Crazy Dreams

We all have dreams, little dreams, big dreams, short-term dreams, long-term dreams and my favourite kind of dreams- the big crazy dreams. Dreams that make people wonder just how crazy you really are. Dreams that inspire other people to have big crazy dreams along with you. Dreams that change the world. And tonight I’m sharing my big, crazy, world-changing dream with you. Continue reading

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ProjectBox- Flaming Autumn Scarf and Beanie Set

I’m currently using this wool along with a matching red wool to make two scarf and beanie sets for my soon-to-be etsy shop. I was planning on opening up an etsy shop toward the end of this year, but I’m trying to step it up a notch so that it can help fund my next trip to Uganda (Africa) in September.
Continue reading

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FilmCanister- Giraffe’s Tongue Poke

Today, I give you a photograph of a giraffe, sticking it’s tongue out at you. Enjoy!! Continue reading

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