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Tuesday Bonus! Because… I Thought It Might Be Fun!

I saw a cute post by Zoe of Giraffe In A Scarf over here and I thought I might join in on the fun! So here is a quick A-Z of things you probably don’t know about me. And if you do one yourself, comment with the link here and share the fun around! Continue reading

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ProjectBox- International Craft Swap

After another week off (I started uni this week and forgot how time consuming it can be!) I’m back again with a quick post about how excited I am about the International Craft Swap being organised by Zoe of Giraffe In A Scarf! Continue reading

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FilmCanister- Giraffe’s Tongue Poke

Today, I give you a photograph of a giraffe, sticking it’s tongue out at you. Enjoy!! Continue reading

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