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Loomed Elphaba Glovelettes- Pattern

I’ve finally written the pattern for the Elphaba Glovelettes! You can get it here, or by clicking on the photos below. There won’t be a video tutorial unfortunately. I did record the entire process of making the second glovelette, but … Continue reading

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Loomed Mermaid Tail with Raised Paving Stitch

After making a moderately successful mermaid tail on my looms for my niece Madison, I was asked by a family friend to make one as a gift for a friend of hers. My first commission, yay! However, I wanted to … Continue reading

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Challenge: 30 Minutes for 30 Days

To get back into the swing of blogging, I’ve set myself a 30 minute, 30 day challenge. I am going to spend 30 uninterrupted minutes for the next 30 days writing. It won’t all be published, but it will get me in the habit of writing again. Continue reading

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It’s Here!

It’s finally here! Finally! My hand-painted, hand-written, made-with-so-much-love recipe e-book is available to purchase right now in my¬†shop. You can buy the ebook, a printed copy of the book or you can get the deluxe package. The deluxe package contains … Continue reading

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Accepting my limits, I’m only human after all.

It’s really hard for me to write this entry. I hate breaking promises to myself, and this feels like I’m breaking a promise to a lot more people than just me. I woke up this morning, sick. Didn’t feel like moving, being awake, sleeping, did I mention moving? I’m feeling a bit better tonight, but I’m not cured and I’m afraid I might be out-of-action again tomorrow morning. So I had to make a tough decision, do I attempt to finish the book on time and release something less than my best, or do I give myself a little less pressure and work on making the book fantastic? Continue reading

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Free Preview Recipe!

I am loving making this recipe book! And I wanted to share it a bit more with you, so I’m giving away another free downloadable recipe. This one is not only an old favourite of mine, but it’s also a very popular one. The children I live with love it, my parents love it, and even my friends over at Mission Watoto love it! I hope you love it too… Continue reading

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A free printable preview recipe from the book! For you!

Wheeeeeee! Today I finished the ebook cover and a few pages. And to celebrate the milestone of simply beginning the thing, I have a gift for you! A free, downloadable, printable page from the book, with a totally new recipe that I’ve never shared before. Yay! Continue reading

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