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Milly and Tilly Craft Book Club

I recently discovered Milly and Tilly, a blog run by Kelly who writes about knitting, crafting and gardening, and to top it off, crafting related to books! Kelly has created a craft book club, where members make something related to … Continue reading

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International Craft Swap


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Ready to Leap

Tomorrow, I launch my e-book, my hand-painted, hand-written, made-with-love recipe e-book. I have high hopes for this book, but first, I have to take that leap of faith. I have to believe that I have done enough. I have made it exactly what it needs to be. And then, my little book, a piece of me, will go out into the world and bring happiness to others, and it will be exactly what you may need. It’s all very exciting you see! Continue reading

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Accepting my limits, I’m only human after all.

It’s really hard for me to write this entry. I hate breaking promises to myself, and this feels like I’m breaking a promise to a lot more people than just me. I woke up this morning, sick. Didn’t feel like moving, being awake, sleeping, did I mention moving? I’m feeling a bit better tonight, but I’m not cured and I’m afraid I might be out-of-action again tomorrow morning. So I had to make a tough decision, do I attempt to finish the book on time and release something less than my best, or do I give myself a little less pressure and work on making the book fantastic? Continue reading

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Free Preview Recipe!

I am loving making this recipe book! And I wanted to share it a bit more with you, so I’m giving away another free downloadable recipe. This one is not only an old favourite of mine, but it’s also a very popular one. The children I live with love it, my parents love it, and even my friends over at Mission Watoto love it! I hope you love it too… Continue reading

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Working hard, but hardly working…

I’m working really hard, but it hardly feels like working because I’m surrounded by this: Continue reading

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A free printable preview recipe from the book! For you!

Wheeeeeee! Today I finished the ebook cover and a few pages. And to celebrate the milestone of simply beginning the thing, I have a gift for you! A free, downloadable, printable page from the book, with a totally new recipe that I’ve never shared before. Yay! Continue reading

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Celebrations and Preparations!

I have, for now anyway, finally caught up on all my uni assignments and am able to focus on my next big project. The book. Yipeeeee! Also eeeek! I’m so excited about being able to share my recipes with the world in such a fun way. Tomorrow I start working on the book in full scale, starting with a cover page, so I can show it off. Reading the paper on the train ride home this afternoon, I was a bit excited to read my horoscope (Which I know is just a bit of nonsense, but it’s fun too!)….. Continue reading

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CookBook- Grandma’s Date Loaf

I never used to be a fan of dates, but they first won me over when mum put them into chocolate date logs. Now I’m loving them in my Grandma’s date loaf with yummy walnuts and deliciousness. Grandma tells me that the recipe is hundreds of years old and she passed it on to me this weekend. Continue reading

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ProjectBox- Updating the blog theme

My current creative endeavour is updating my blog theme. It’s a pain in the butt. While it looks great on my big computer, it looks awful on my small one. I’m thinking with my background and header I need to just do a total overhaul. Re-think the process entirely. I wish I was savvy enough to create a theme from scratch, but I’m not right now. And so if you see the website changing in between clicks over the next few days, it’s because I’m online and tweaking stuff! I’ll let you know when it’s finished and I’m happy with it! Continue reading

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