Sky Poem

It’s nights like these,
where the icy air skims past your cheeks
and the black sky stretches forever.

It’s nights like these,
where I feel like a minnow in the star filled universe
and I’m so small
and competing with everything else for attention.

It’s nights like these,
where the roads are silent
and the train creaks into the station
as the tram screeches through an intersection.

It’s nights like these,
where the air stings my eyes
and I pretend that’s why I’m crying.

It’s nights like these where I can feel my heart tearing.
Not breaking,
because it’s just a muscle
and muscles don’t break,
they tear and stretch.
And so my heart is tearing
and it feels like it’s trying to fill the whole sky
and it’s tearing itself to reach the horizons.

That’s when I look up and I see the sky isn’t pitch black,
but several shades of blue.
Midnight, navy, pale.
And somehow this makes it sadder.
And I am small,
and alone,
and heart torn.

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2 Responses to Sky Poem

  1. Zoe says:

    Beautiful beautiful. xx

  2. Mutti says:

    I love your description of the way a tearing heart grows to encompass new horizons. Thank you for catching the winter wilderness in your words. Virtual hugs are probably virtually useless, but I’m sending you a warm embrace from this small distance anyway.

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