Short Poems

I write snippets of poems in my notes app. They need fresh air, so I thought I’d share them with you. Some I will eventually expand, right now I’ll leave them here to incubate…

Night Poem
I wrap the night around me like an overcoat, hiding in the folds of darkness. The collar glimmers with the light of the stars and the sleeves glow soft like the moon. I bury my face behind a galaxy.

She fell away
Into obscurity
And out of reality.
She fell for you.

He has invaded my conversational speech.

What’s down there?
In those places we pass by.
What’s down there?

There’s a hole in the sky
Where I can see though the clouds
And I wonder who’s looking back?

There’s a tear in theĀ armorĀ and a crack in the shield and what can get in can get out.

I’m still not sober.

Morning storms can be more invigorating than sunshine.

Am naked
And the wind blows around me.
And grabbing
And blowing away…

I will never tire of pastel skies.
Looking up and trying to decipher where the blue ends
And the purple begins
And how the pink in the middle is defined.

Meet Me
Meet me on the horizon between the edge of the sky and the end of the world,
I’ll be the one with the sun in her eyes and the wind in her hair.
Meet me in the dusk between the shades of pastel skies,
I’ll be the one wrapped in starlight and prayers.
Meet me on the bed between the sheets and the night,
I’ll be the one reaching out for you.
Just say you’ll meet me there.

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