I have this really great little ritual that I do every time I move house, rearrange my furniture or spruce up my room. And I didn’t even realise it was a ritual until yesterday when I did it again. You see, I have these gorgeous posters that used to belong to my mum (most of which are Anne Geddes photos of cute babies doing cute things in cute costumes!) and I like to have them covering my walls.

I first began using them way back when I was in primary school, and since then they’ve been displayed on countless walls of mine- bedroom walls, caravan walls (I used to have a caravan as a bedroom!!), house walls… anywhere I could put them I did. Each time they get put up, I go through the slow process of carefully peeling off the old hardened blu-tack and rolling fresh blu-tack on.

The corners of the posters have oily marks from layers of blu-tack, they’re a little bent from so much use, and some of the posters even have tears patched up with sticky-tape. But they mean so much to me, because my mum used to do the same thing with them- decorate her walls.

So yesterday, I put up my posters again, and I’m loving having them on the walls…

These mermaids used to be part of a calendar (But there are only 11, I must have lost one along the way) and now they're above my bed, brightening the space.

These are above my desk, you can see my salt lamp beside the printer and my Tibetan Prayer Flags bundled up with my handbags. I have a small space and this is how I make things fit!

The posters to the side of my serious work desk. The baby in the yellow jacket pocket with the sunflower is just so, so perfect!

Looking at my work desk. I managed to fit two desks into my room, one for creating (right under the window) and this desk, for computer stuff and uni work. It's a good little set-up actually.

The spaces in between the posters will now slowly fill up with bits and bobs like movie tickets, drawings, plastic spoons, tags, shells, paper clips, train tickets, small cards, business cards, name tags, hair clips, notes, vouchers, small rocks, basically anything I can blu-tack up… When I lived in the caravan, I was allowed to draw on the walls, so there was no space uncovered by the time I moved out of it!

My walls will become as crazy as this mirror! Actually, I still have this mirror, but I've taken everything off it because it now hangs in the bathroom!

Do you have a ritual for when you move or change the set-up of a space? Or do you always cover/decorate your walls in a certain way?

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0 Responses to Rituals

  1. Zoe says:

    I can’t believe those posters have been with you so long! I have a little box of memories, that goes with me everywhere, but that’s easy to take with me!

    • VeryZoe says:

      Zoe, I’m a bit of a hoarder, so I tend not to let things go if they hold any sentimental value haha…. It makes moving a pain though, because I just have so much STUFF! :)

  2. Sue says:

    I still think the young mermaid holding the large coin (middle row 3rd from left) is the spitting image of Caitlin!
    Ps You neglected to mention that not only were the walls of the caravan covered, but the floor was also always covered!!!! (Usually in mess!)

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