ProjectBox- Hair Decorations

First, I’ll just start by saying that I’m going to be changing the way I post slightly. Instead of posting certain categories on certain days, I’m just going to post whatever is most relevant. For example, today’s post is about my most recent project (I worked on it over the weekend) but I didn’t do much cooking, so there’s no new recipe. You might get a recipe later in the week instead.

So this project was inspired by a series of events and it’s an ongoing project (as anyone could see if they looked at my floor workspace…) It started with an email from Leonie which referred me to a link about mermaid hair. I then saw a post about how to be a mermaid, and a tweet from Jess about nymph hair. It all led up to Sunday, sprawled out all over the floor with jewels, ribbons, shells, charms, bobby pins and an old on-it’s-last-legs hot glue gun. So far, I’ve created this:

Creations so far...

These jeweled hair combs might be worn in matching pairs, but then again... they might not!

The combs are finished, but I'm yet to sew the beads and shells onto the ribbon plait

So on Sunday I was a fairy, wearing a floaty skirt and a floaty flowery pink top with leaves, jewels and twisty hair. Today I might be a mermaid with blue and jewels and plaits, or I might be a pirate, with lots and lots of sparkly jewels, or I might be a nymph with curls, flowers, ribbons and glitter… Who knows?

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