ProjectBox- Flaming Autumn Scarf and Beanie Set

I’m currently using this wool…

It makes me think of fire, autumn leaves and all things warm and toasty

…along with a matching red wool to make two scarf and beanie sets for my soon-to-be etsy shop. I was planning on opening up an etsy shop toward the end of this year, but I’m trying to step it up a notch so that it can help fund my next trip to Uganda (Africa) in September.

For those readers who don’t know about my Africa trips, here’s a quick run down. In 2009, my gap year, I saved for a trip to Uganda with a local group called Mission Watoto. In September 09 we travelled to Uganda for three weeks and while I was there I helped build a classroom (that we’d fundraised the complete costs of), took a 3 day animal safari, did level 5 white water rafting on the Nile, visited the babies in the Watoto Child Care Ministries babies’ home, visited Gulu and experienced the awe-some work WCCM is doing for the community up there and much more. I fell in love with Africa.

Upon returning I became part of the Mission Watoto Management Committee and took on the role of “Co-ordinator Information Technology”. I am in charge of the creating the team blogs, maintaining the website (that I created with the help of WordPress), and providing technical support to other members of Mission Watoto for emails and such. I was going to travel as a team leader in June/July this year, but time was against us for recruiting team members, and I have ended up joining a travelling team leaving in September. I am over-the-moon excited about going back, and I’m sure you’ll hear more about it from me in the future!

This is going to be quite a long scarf I believe!

So this scarf might just end up being a win-win product! Whoever buys it wins with a warm, soft and brightly coloured scarf, and Watoto wins because the money from the sale will help me go over, build a classroom and sponsor six beautiful Watoto children for a year! I’ll keep you posted on the etsy progress! Wish me luck… :)

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