What a ridiculous word I just made up. Anyway, you know how there’s procrastibaking? That is, the art of procrastinating something by baking and thus feeling productive even though you’re avoiding what you’re supposed to be doing? Well I do that sometimes, if the kitchen is tidy. But lately I’ve discovered my weakness is procrastistudying. That is, the art of putting work into one subject when there’s more urgent work needing to be done in another subject.

Today so far I’ve been working on stuff for Radio; polishing off run sheets, contacting interviewees, communicating with my group members. It’s all very important stuff and I mean, we are going live to air in a week and a half. But, today I was supposed to be working on my comms subject. Writing a speech and filming a video. The speech is more important but the video is more fun. I can hear it calling to me to be worked on first. I mean, I get to dress up as an oil spill and kill penguins*. but I’m forcing myself to write my part of the speech first. Because it’s more important. And more urgent. And if I get it out of the way, I can be very, very silly with the video I’m making.

*No penguins will be harmed in the making of this video, I promise!

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