This morning at work I gave myself a paper-cut when I was marking down the bread. I pulled a bunch of sticker paper into my hand to throw it away and sliced just below my index finger, on the corner that forms when I touch my finger and thumb together. It’s only small and has been a bit stingy today but nothing totally annoying. Until tonight that is. Until I sat down with a pen and notebook to make some notes for an assessment I’m working on. My pens keep rubbing on it! And it’s really distracting.

I love taking notes with pens and paper (especially if I’m using multiple coloured pens) because I feel like it’s a practice that really cements new knowledge in my head. And it really helps me work our ideas for speeches and essays.

I’m currently working on a discussion starter (a cross between a short essay and a speech) for philosophy about the philosophy of play. It’s very interesting and I’ve found some really good sources to use. But I keep getting sidetracked by this paper-cut! But if I take the philosophical world view that life is play, perhaps I’m just playing at being hurt and distracted. Perhaps I just need to get my shit together and finish writing this piece, so I can move on to the next. From the outside it must look like I’m a uni student, but here’s the secret, I’m only playing at being one, that’s what makes it fun…

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