On Holidays

Long hot haze filled days here.

We go down to the beach and play in the surf. Leaping over waves and under waves, trying to catch the big waves in to the shore. Sand between our toes, sunshine on our shoulders. Ice cold drinks with colourful straws, chips and salad when we’re hungry.

We go shopping. In old town, in Da Nang, along the roads. We finger shirts made of soft material and colourful dresses and shoes of all shapes and sizes. Stopping for breaks at cafes that serve passion fruit juice or fresh croissants. Shaking our heads as we’re invited inside shops, being bullied into purchases because “first customer today, lucky for you, lucky for me”. Eyeing off earrings and dresses and jackets and tea cups. Still searching for a specific type of perfect tea cup. Adding things to our wish list like serving trays and postcards, crossing things off like handbags and wallets.

We talk. We eat. We laugh. I snap a few photographs, record a sound clip or a snippet of video. Building up to a new project.

We wonder where the rain is this rainy season. It seems like the weather is here to celebrate with me. We celebrate heat and birthdays and cows moo-ing outside the window.

There’s cloudy days and clear days. Day with a little rain and days with none. There’s bottled water and chilled Dahntahn and iced coffees made on condensed milk. There’s trips to the stores up the road to stock up on lollies on Friday afternoons and early wake-up calls during the week to witness a misty sunrise or go on an expedition to the beach.

There’s less rushing than last time I was here, I have more time to spend, more time to waste on the little moments, the precious moments. More time to soak. More time to revel. More time to enjoy. More time. I am savouring this.

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