New Hobby

So, I’ve picked up a new hobby recently, thanks to wandering around a cheapie store and deciding that I needed to buy a whole bunch of beautifully coloured embroidery floss. I knew that I had an embroidery hoop at home and I wanted to make something that didn’t involve knitting. I started with a sampler, brushing up on the two stitches I knew how to do and teaching myself three new ones.

Then I chose a dark blue felt and came up with this design, inspired by seeing the saying on Cate Bolt’s Pretty Fkn Embroidery design that you can buy here in pinks and here in blues. My sister is pregnant with number 2 and she had a lot of trouble with baby 1 not wanting to sleep (because life is way to much fun to take a nap and miss out!) so I’m making her this as a sort of good luck token. She thinks it’s hilarious!

Go the fuck to sleep

And I just wanted to show off the back a little because I’m so proud of how neat I kept it.

peels ot kcuf eht og

I decided to organise my embroidery floss by making my own little floss bobbins. Partly because I’m a cheapskate and didn’t want to buy any, but mostly because I’m impatient and didn’t want to wait until I went to the shops next or for them to be posted to me from online. I used the plastic covers from a few old sketchbooks I was going to throw out anyway, as I didn’t have any cardboard and I figured the plastic would be pretty hardy. I spent a few hours winding floss onto bobbins and listening to music on Pandora.

Coloured flosses

Now, I’ve got to turn “Go the fuck to sleep” into a little cushion, because I don’t have any decorative embroidery hoops and I wanted to make something practical anyway. Then it’s onto my next design. No idea what I’m going to make yet, but I want it to be very colourful. Any suggestions?

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