Moving is Awesome (but it also totally sucks)

I’m lying in my bed, which is put together, with clean sheets and a clean shirt after having a hot shower with a fresh towel. My phone is charging and connected to the Internet which is set up and working just fine. I’m doing all of in my new cottage house. Moving is awesome.

Today had lots of sucky moments too, and as I was composing a list of them for this post, I realised that all of the sucky things got resolved (bar one, which we plan on fixing tomorrow), and in retrospect were sucky but not hellish.

My partner has been an amazing support for me today. He started his day early with a 6am-3pm shift at work only to come home and help me deal with the removalists and then go to the new place, help them unload the truck, unpack his own stuff (bugger all compared to the mountains of boxes I have up tackle tomorrow!) and he had to put up with me being snappy and overly emotional and overly excited and basically certifiably nuts.

So our removalists weren’t the greatest, but they were cheap and though they could handle dismantling and moving my loft bed, they gave up on putting it back together again (our job for tomorrow now, and I feel safer doing it myself anyway). Our power wasn’t switched on, but a quick phone call got that fixed and the installation fee waived because the power company knew they’d mucked up. Once the power was on our home alarm system went berserk, but after a few hours and a couple of phone calls we not only managed to tame it, but also to program out own code into it. Our home phone’s not working, but the Internet is (and I suspect I know what’s gone wrong here because its happened to me before, so one phone call tomorrow should fix that too) and the Internet brought us food tonight so dinner was covered (and plenty of leftovers for tomorrow, which I was able to store in our fridge which is working due to the power actually being on! Yay!).

All in all it’s been a long, hard day. But falling asleep in our new cottage home? Worth every minute.

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