Milly and Tilly Craft Book Club

I recently discovered Milly and Tilly, a blog run by Kelly who writes about knitting, crafting and gardening, and to top it off, crafting related to books! Kelly has created a craft book club, where members make something related to the book they’re reading. Kelly has just finished up with a project for The Wizard of Oz and is moving on to Wicked. I’ll be joining in for this one, I’ve read Wicked a few times, and quite enjoyed it. My dad doesn’t like it so much, he thinks it’s too long and rambling, but I think that’s part of what I like so much about it. I have been to see the musical, and while I enjoyed it for what it is, I think it has a different message than the book has. Anyway, I’ll talk more about the book when I finish my crafty thing to go with it.

Actually, this would have been really good timing if I didn’t have to go back to uni next week, as earlier this week while visiting my grandparents in Geelong we went to the National Wool Museum and I found out they’re having a scarf festival where the theme is: divinely wicked or devilishly good? Anyone can enter, but entries close May 2, and I couldn’t whip a scarf up in a week as well as attend classes, work, and keep up with all my assessments! But, what a good theme, and it would work really well as a theme to keep in mind for a craft project based on Wicked, as the themes of the book centre around good and evil. Oh well! Maybe I’ll enter next year…

I’m not sure yet what I’m going to make for this crafty book club, but I’ll probably play around with the theme of good and evil. Whatever I make I’ll share in May sometime. Want to join in the fun? Be sure to check out Kelly’s Craft Book Club for more information.

(And as an aside, I love the name Milly and Till for a blog! It’s based on Milly and Tilly the silly sisters, and Kelly says her Nana would call her and her sister that. My sister and I used to have twin dolls that were about the size of a toddler each, and we used to dress them up and play together and what not, and our dolls were called Milly and Tilly as well. I just thought that it was very cute and a nice little coincidence!)

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3 Responses to Milly and Tilly Craft Book Club

  1. Kelly says:

    Milly and Tilly is a nice coincidence!
    Thanks for spreading the word about the book club. I haven’t quite finished Wicked yet, but I agree with your dad about the book being long and rambling. Too bad the scarf festival entries aren’t due later, the theme does match up with the book! I still need to figure out what to make, hopefully I get inspired soon!

    • VeryZoe says:

      I read the whole book over the weekend (I was sick so I devoured it!). But I’m still stuck on what to make. I did just get two new looms for my birthday though… So I’ll probably experiment with them

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