Magic Scarf

I’m trying to recreate a family memory. I have a habit of recreating things from my past that I loved. I’m remembering one holiday when my dad took my sisters and I to the Sunshine Coast for a week and we ended up in a shop that had these funky looking scarves for sale. They were advertised as “More Than 100 Ways To Wear” kind of scarves and we three girls found three colours we each loved and dad didn’t take much convincing. With our purchase, the store owner slipped in a piece of paper that showed a model wearing the magic scarf in five easy ways. Well, the girls and I were inspired and as soon as we got back to the motel we were staying at, we put on a fashion show for dad and Anke. It took hours. We kept trying to discover new ways to wear the scarf. I kept my scarf for ages, until I literally wore holes in it.

So now I’m trying to make one. Part of what made the magic scarf magic was that it was a very large tube scarf that could be stretched open and worn as a shawl or slimmed up and worn as a regular scarf. I can’t knit with knitting needles, but I have a set of French knitting looms that I’m pretty handy with. I regularly use the middle size loom to make beanies and the smaller one to make tube scarves. Now I’m using the biggest loom and a skinny wool and a looser tension in the hopes that the tube will stretch enough to wear as a shawl.

I work on this in the evenings when my partner is watching the cricket. I’m not a fan of cricket, but because I’ve been submitted to almost every single minute of each of the Ashes test matches so far, I’ve come to enjoy listening to the commentators. Shane Warne and Michael Holding are my favourites.


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  1. I’m pretty sure I have the entire fashion show on photographic record somewhere here…

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