Magic Scarf Reveal

Not so long ago I posted a sneak peak of a loom knitting project I was working on, the so called More-Than-100-Ways-To-Wear-It, Magic Scarf. I finished the project ages and ages ago and didn’t end up posting about it because, to be frank, it’s hideous. It’s ugly as sin and I’d never wear it out in public. But I did make it more as a test and the test didn’t quite work out. It’s stretchy, but not as stretchy as it needs to be to work properly.

Thankfully since making this scarf, I’ve joined a Facebook group called Knifty Knitter/Loom Creations and have been inspired to learn new stitches and new things to do with my looms. If you’re at all interested in loom knitting, join this group. The members are all really friendly and love to help out if you get stuck or admire your projects if you post them. It’s a very supportive place to hang out. So I’m going to try making a Magic Scarf again with a new stitch that I’ve learnt, but it will have to wait until I’ve finished working on some baby stuff for my sister and completed my yoga mat bag.

Here’s a slideshow of the original fashion show my sisters and I put on in January of 2007:

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And seven years later, I’m just as dorky and not nearly as creative:

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