Loomed Elphaba Glovelettes- Pattern

I’ve finally written the pattern for the Elphaba Glovelettes! You can get it here, or by clicking on the photos below.

Elphaha Glovelettes 3 Elphaha Glovelettes 4 Elphaha Glovelettes 5 Elphaha Glovelettes 6

There won’t be a video tutorial unfortunately. I did record the entire process of making the second glovelette, but my phone doesn’t have enough memory to edit the clips together (it barely had enough to record them!) and the programs on my computer keep crashing when I try and work with the footage. The pattern is fairly simple anyway, and there are lots of YouTube tutorials out there for the particular stitches that are needed. In any case, I’m always happy to answer questions and help out!

I did end up wearing the glovelettes when I went to see Wicked this week, here I am with my friend Tegan waiting for the show to begin:


If you make a pair of Elphaba Glovelettes, I’d love to see them! Tell me about it in the comments below!

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