Like The Moon

A draft of a poem in response to the quote “She was like the moon, part of her was always hidden away” (Dia Reeves, Bleeding Violet).

She was like the moon,
A soft reflection of a light
That was too harsh to look at.
Her glow invited gazes.

She was like the moon,
Part of her was always hidden away
So she used words to illuminate
And though her words weren’t as bright as the sun
They lit the darkness enough to see.

She was like the moon,
Coaxing the tides from the sea
Pulling feelings from deep within her to the surface
Then letting them recede to their hiding places.

She was like the moon,
Orbiting around something bigger than herself.
Something she could not comprehend in size
Yet she understood its importance.

She was like the moon,

Just a blot of ideas at the moment. I’v learned I like my poems better when I write them, then let them stew, then review them and edit, edit, edit! So this is a first draft, but I’m happy enough with it to publish it now. Your comments/feedback would be appreciated if you have something to say.

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