I Am Not From Here

I am not from here and I don’t know the way.
I’m making it all up as I go,
But I do not know if I’m making it up the right way.
Is there a right way?
Who wants to know?

I am not from here and I don’t know the rules.
But I want to play the game,
And I want to play by the rules.
Who says rules are there to be broken?
What happens if we play by the rules? What happens if we don’t?

I am not from here and I don’t know the tune.
I want to sing along.
I want to be the harmony to your melody.
Who cares if I can’t sing?
Do you?

I am not from here, but I think I’m doing okay.
I’ll invent a new way,
And new rules and a new tune to play.
Is anybody from here?

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One Response to I Am Not From Here

  1. Anke says:

    Oh my. I’m at much the same stage here. I think what is happening is that if you don’t like the people where you are in Melbourne, you just keep shopping around until you do find people who you like. People shopping for people who agree with the rules you invented. I keep finding that it’s only in the arts and people who read sufficiently that are open enough often enough to have their ideals questioned.

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