First Impressions of Vietnam- Photostory

A traffic light count down timer and some crazy power lines in Ho Chi Minh City

Some star fruit growing in the yard- I ate the one on the right!

The corn growing in the backyard

Max and his chook

Jack and Max in the backyard early this morning

A lady and her son riding through the fish market (taken on my photo tour yesterday morning).

A lady who kindly posed for a photograph at the fish markets (taken on my photography tour yesterday morning)

Fish that have been boiled and are drying in the sun (taken on my photography tour yesterday morning)

A busy jetty as the fish are taken in off the boats (taken on my photography tour yesterday morning)

One of the boiling pits that the trays of fish are put into for about 8 minutes before being out out to dry (taken on my photography tour yesterday morning)

This lady we visited on the photo tour, she bakes hundreds of "egg cakes" every day to sell. She has been doing this for many years, but only with an oven for the last two years.


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4 Responses to First Impressions of Vietnam- Photostory

  1. Silvia says:

    I’ve probabliy missed a previous explanation but, how long are you going to stay in Vietnam? Is it a holiday? Ops, sorry for all the questions, but it’s a dream of mine to visit the country! :)

    • VeryZoe says:

      Sylvia, you haven’t missed a previous explanation- I only really talked about it on Twitter. I’m here visiting my family who moved here almost 2 months ago. I’m staying for 3 weeks, and I’m halfway through my stay already! I’m in the middle of Vietnam- up in Hoi An (Near Da Nang). It’s a beautiful country, and I can highly recommend visiting. Let me know when you’re planning to go! And feel free to bombard me with questions any time :)

  2. Silvia says:

    Thanks Zoe! So lovely you are. Unfortunately Vietnam is not a short-term project (there’s at least one year in Poland in between.. fair enough! ;) ) But as soon as I’ll have anything planned I’ll let you know! (And, of course, bomb you with questions ;) ).
    Enjoy your stay!

  3. Pete says:

    Wish I had been on that photo trip!!! Thanks for the shots.

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