FilmCanister- PhotoShoot: Painting With Light

When my dad first saw my new blog, he said that if he didn’t know any better he would have assumed the background was computer generated. It is in fact a photograph I took back in 2009 shortly after buying my first (and currently my only) digital SLR camera, aNikon D3000. By playing around with the shutter speed and a torch I was able to produce this image:

A torch with three LED bulbs produced this pattern.

So tonight, after missing my camera badly, I hunted down the box it was packed in, unpacked it and had another go at creating light photographs. I experimented with three torches tonight. The first was the three LED bulb one used in the above picture. The second was a torch I accidentally stole from my dad’s wedding with nine tiny LED bulbs in a circle pattern. And the third is a torch that I bought at Australian Geographic ages and ages ago that is not an LED torch and lights up in a yellowish/white and a red.

Photo Details:
All photos taken with my Nikon D3000 and Nikkor 18-55mm lens with an ISO-100

Neon Light
10 sec

13 sec

13 sec

13 sec

Fire and Water
15 sec

Icy Scratchings
15 sec

Dragon’s Breath
13 sec

PS. What do you think of the slideshow? Do you prefer to see multiple images displayed like this? Or as static individual images?

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  1. Zoe says:

    I love photos like this! They’re so much fun to make.
    I like the slideshow once I worked out I could stop it and scroll through at my own pace, I like to drink the images in. I LOVE the ones with two different colours.

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