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I really wanted to knit something for my Craft Book Club project this month (reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire), but with the end of uni looming, I really didn’t have the time to knit a scarf like I first wanted. I also really didn’t have time to knit a cape, which I wanted to do, inspired by Elphaba’s wardrobe of capes and what-not to keep herself dry.

So instead I knit myself a little fingerless glovelett, inspired by the description of Elphaba’s colouring. Gregory Maguire describes Elphaba’s skin throughout the book as: pale emerald, vegetable, green as moss, new-apple, green field, soft green, grass green, stem-like, tender spring leaves etc. None of these colours are the bring garish green that she is portrayed as having in the movie or the musical. It’s much more believable I think, makes her more human, just a pale green, not a monster green.

I didn’t have a green that was quite right, so I mixed two strands together, a brighter green and a very pale green and I think the combination is spot on for how her skin is imagined in the book. The edge is one strand of purple and one of black. At several points it’s noticed that her hair and lips look dark purple, almost black against her skin, and I thought this colour combo would work nicely for the fingerless gloveletts. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Elphaba Glovelettes 1

I’ve only made one so far, but it’s the third one because I had to keep adjusting the pattern. I’ll make the matching half this week after I’ve handed in my last assignment, and when I do I’ll post the pattern on here,both written and a video version.

Elphaba Glovelettes 2

I wanted the thumb hole to be quite large, as I don’t like feeling restricted, and I wanted the edges to be decorative rather than practical. For practical I would have used a rib stitch, instead I used double moss to make it kind of bubbly.

Next week I’m going to go and see the musical, as it’s in Melbourne at the moment and I think I’m going to treat myself as a reward for getting through this semester so well. I’m hoping to wear these when I go!

Kelly of Milly and Tilly, who runs the Craft Book Club, was also inspired by skin things in Maguire’s book. She made a doormat that was inspired by Fiyero’s diamond tattoos. The next book is The Big Sleep by Raymond Chander, I haven’t read it before so it will be good to be inspired by something totally new.

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