CookBook- Grandma’s Date Loaf

I never used to be a fan of dates, but they first won me over when mum put them into chocolate date logs. Now I’m loving them in my Grandma’s date loaf with yummy walnuts and deliciousness. Grandma tells me that the recipe is hundreds of years old and she passed it on to me this weekend.

It's almost, nearly better than her chocolate cake... really.

Now, I’m not going to give you the recipe, I’ll be putting it in my recipe e-book- which is coming out in less than two weeks! May 16th is the release date, and you can get your hands on all my recipes from the blog (plus a few goodies I haven’t put here!) all in beautiful, colourful paint and ink.

I’m asking, do you have a family recipe that is very old but totally delicious? Do you share it or keep it a family secret? Tell me in the comments!

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