CookBook- Bonus Recipe! Choc-Coffee Mousse

As a vegan, people often ask me if I eat a lot of tofu. I don’t, except in deserts like this rich mousse. This recipe is inspired by Susan’s Cherry-Chocolate Mousse Pie from her fantastic vegan website Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. It’s a quick, easy, tasty and fun way to serve tofu. Often I won’t tell my guests what it’s made of until after they’ve started eating it. “What? I’m eating tofu?” Cue confused looks! It’s great!

Anyway, I’ve concocted this recipe before making it just a plain choc mousse, and I’ve put it in a crust made from chocolate bikkies. Tonight, I didn’t have bikkies, so I decided to finally put my dessert cups to use. And I decided to use coffee instead of vanilla, to see if I could get a mocha flavour happening. I have to say, it’s pretty good. So! Here you go :)

Very rich! Very decadent! Very much worth making!

1 350g packet of silken tofu
3 tbsp golden syrup (it’s very very sweet!)
2 tsp instant coffee
2 tbsp hot (not boiling) water
300g dark cooking chocolate

1. Mix the coffee and the hot water until the coffee is dissolved. If the water is boiled, the coffee beans will be burnt, and not taste nearly as good.
2. In a blender whiz together the tofu, syrup and coffee.
3. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or, in my case, two saucepans. Please don’t tell me you don’t know how to melt chocolate using two saucepans. If that’s the case, google it! Anyhow…
4. Pour half the chocolate into the blender. Whiz. Scrape the sides down. Pour in the rest of the chocolate. Whiz. Scrape the sides down. Whiz.
5. Pour mousse into six little dessert dishes and chill for at least three hours. Enjoy!

If you have the same amount of will power that I do when I know I have dessert in the fridge, these won’t last long. Invite guests over and they’ll go even faster. You can serve the mousse with coconut cream, chocolate syrup, chocolate sprinkles, or well, anything really!

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