Challenge: 30 Minutes for 30 Days

This is just a quick announcement to let you all know that I am here, I am alive and I am going to start writing again. In my time off from blogging, I have made a few Big Life Decisions, re-designed the look of my blog and re-imagined what I want this blog to be.

To get back into the swing of blogging, I’ve set myself a 30 minute, 30 day challenge. I am going to spend 30 uninterrupted minutes for the next 30 days writing. It won’t all be published, but it will get me in the habit of writing again.

A few rules I’ve set myself:

  1. If I skip a day (for any reason!) I have to start the 30 days all over again.
  2. The 30 minutes can be spent typing or hand-writing, but it must be continuous (ie. no checking phone, emails, twitter, facebook, google plus, etc etc etc)
  3. Writers block does not exist, if I have no ideas I will start writing the words of the objects I can see, smell, hear or think of, until I am writing sentences again.

If you want to join me in doing a 30 minute, 30 day challenge, tell me in the comments so we can encourage each other! To help get you started I have two little things. First there’s a button you can use on your blog or website to let your readers know that you’re doing a writing challenge (accountability is a good motivator!) and secondly I made this little reward sheet that you can download, print out and tack to the wall above your writing space to reward yourself as you go, and actually see yourself progress through the challenge.

Some tips to help you:

  • Start today. Don’t put it off until a new year, month, week, day. Start now and just keep going!
  • Set yourself a reward for completing the entire challenge, something to congratulate yourself for your hard work and continued effort (I’m rewarding myself with a tub of vegan chocolate ice-cream, a treat I’m yet to try…)
  • Have a designated writing space and a special book to keep your work in. Make the space conductive to your creative process. If you’re typing, use a fun font or save files into a special folder, you could even print them out so that you can literally see your writing piling up.
  • Tell others that you’re doing the challenge, they will encourage you and you’ll be more likely to keep going. Tell me and I’ll keep tabs on you if you like!

So leave a comment, then hop to it! Write your heart out!

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