Artists’ Hands

Photo © By Chapendra

Artists’ hands are colourful, messy, beautiful
They have blisters, calluses and paper-cuts
They are cold in the winter from working in the air,
And hot in the summer from working too hard.

Artists’ hands have stories to tell
Of adventure, creation and manifestation.
The hands of an artist are never still,
Always reaching for another brush, pen, glue-pot.

The mind of an artist is a reflection of their hands,
Colourful, messy, beautiful
With blisters, calluses and paper-cuts
(from lessons learnt along the way).

An artist has a story to tell
They create adventure and manifest reality from dreams
The mind of an artist is never still
Always reaching for the next project,
Gathering inspiration,
Dreaming big, colourful, messy, beautiful-

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4 Responses to Artists’ Hands

  1. Anke says:

    I concur wholeheartedly with the sentiment! Especially because I came home today with paint-splotches all over my new pants, courtesy of some very enthusiastic artists of the 5 year-old variety. :-)

  2. Lita says:

    I have artsist hands too! Currently blue, purple and black, with a healthy helping of gesso lol

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