Accepting my limits, I’m only human after all.

It’s really hard for me to write this entry. I hate breaking promises to myself, and this feels like I’m breaking a promise to a lot more people than just me. I woke up this morning, sick. Didn’t feel like moving, being awake, sleeping, did I mention moving? I’m feeling a bit better tonight, but I’m not cured and I’m afraid I might be out-of-action again tomorrow morning. So I had to make a tough decision, do I attempt to finish the book on time and release something less than my best, or do I give myself a little less pressure and work on making the book fantastic?

The answer, for me, is to definitely ease the pressure and extend the release date. The question of how long I’ll extend it to is tearing me up, but I think I should be able to have it ready by Wednesday afternoon(May 18th folks!). So, while I go and get myself all better (lots of water, sleep garlic, vitamin C, sunshine, Chinese herbs and propolis) you should all make a batch of Roast pumpkin soup to keep away the colds. Here, as a peace offering, I shall give you one more free page from the book.

You know the deal, click on the link or picture to go to the PDF online, or right click and “save link as…”

Roast Pumpkin Soup

I’m only human right ? Have you had to accept your limitations before? How did you deal with it? (Me= a little bit teary, a lot disappointed and feeling very blah). Tell me in the comments below.

Oh, and don’t forget to share this free page from the book, sharing links are right below!

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One Response to Accepting my limits, I’m only human after all.

  1. ankewillems says:

    Accepting my limitations… Hmmm… Nowadays I laugh… I actually find I swing between over-estimating and under-estimating what I am capable of. When I get found out I laugh. And promise myself that eventually I’ll be all grown up and that nagging feeling of yet another self-inflicted idiocy will go away. Sigh… On the other hand, ‘being sick’ falls under ‘stuff I can’t control’ and is the reason we have ‘sick days’ and other bonuses in waged and salaried work – so we can get better, quicker. It seems a human right to me, so free-lancers should get them too, don’t you think?

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