About Me

Hi! My name is Zoe MacLean and I’m 23. I live in Melbourne with my partner Ajay and I study Media Communications at RMIT.

I love to cook, am always vegetarian and often vegan. I wrote/illustrated a vegan recipe e-book that you can download for free by clicking here. I make a lot of green smoothies too.

I love making stuff. I can knit (on a loom!), sew (a little bit), make fancy bath and body products, paint (barely, but I love it) and do a heap of paper crafts. Sometimes I share my projects on this blog, you can check them out by browsing through the ProjectBox category on the right.

I love to write. I write daily over on Max-Gratitude, just a snippet at the end of each day about something I am grateful for. It’s a great practice. I write all sorts of things on this blog. It’s a mish mash of recipes, craft projects and poetry as well as my longer ramblings about stuff I think about and want to talk about. I also write on my student blog about what I’m learning, classes I’m enjoying, lectures I find interesting or thought provoking and my summaries of readings I’ve done. Sometimes it’s a boring blog, other times it’s full of posts I want to share.

I don’t have a licence (my learners expired a few years back) I recently acquired a second learner licence (!), but since I live in Melbourne I mostly get around by bicycle. I own a rose pink bike, with flowers on the basket, named Jack. Don’t ask. I love cycling, especially in a city that’s so bike friendly. Even if Jack only has 8 gears and I have to ride over a million hills to get anywhere.

I’m a hippy. I make my own deodorant. I don’t like wearing pants, or bras, or sometimes in the summer, clothes. I can’t bring myself to ever use my air-conditioner as 1. it’s located in the kitchen and even if I shut every door in my cottage house it still has to cool 70% of the house and 2. I’m convinced it’s from the 70’s so as well as being ugly and noisy, it’s horribly inefficient and I’m from Queensland and can stand the heat. Ajay is from India, so he can too. I also sometimes wash my clothes with soap nuts. When I wash my clothes at all (not a symptom of being a hippy, I’m just lazy and hate washing clothes). I own a twin tub washing machine and think it’s brilliant. I think there’s nothing that can’t be done with either vinegar or bicarb, or both (including but not limited to: deodorant, washing hair, brushing teeth, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, killing weeds, killing mould, making delicious chip sandwiches and of course, making cool volcanoes). Coconut oil might run a close second.

I want to get into gardening more. The house we are renting came with some pretty awesome gardens and even a vege patch and I’m supposed to be taking advantage of it all, but I don’t make the time to get into the gardens at the moment. This will change.

I have four younger siblings, four parents and ten grandparents and we’re all spread out across this entire country and also Vietnam. Sometimes it sucks being so far away from everyone, but sometimes (ie. when I want to go on holidays and require free accommodation) it’s awesome.

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