23 Things To Do While I’m 23

It’s my birthday! Today I’m 23. Three years ago I wrote a post, called 20 Thing To Do While I’m 20. Well I thought I should do it again for this, my twenty-third year of life. After I complete an item on my list, I’ll blog about it so that at the end of this year, I can look back and revisit all the things I’ve done.

  1. Knit a full size blanket
  2. Start a soap-making business
  3. Grow my own veggies
  4. Go camping
  5. Swim in the ocean
  6. Run a fundraising event
  7. Teach something
  8. Work creatively with young people (younger than myself that is)
  9. Get fit (ride more, yoga more, walk more)
  10. Get my licence
  11. Travel to Vietnam once
  12. Travel to Queensland twice
  13. Take more photographs (do photowalks, and photoshoot days with friends)
  14. Go to a live performance
  15. Enter a scarf in the annual National Wool Museum’s scarf festival
  16. See more movies at the drive-in cinema
  17. Go on an ice-skating date
  18. Borrow more library books
  19. Go and explore the Dandenongs and have a picnic
  20. Catch the city circle tram and stay on for a round trip
  21. Get suitable contents insurance
  22. Pass all my subjects at uni
  23. Bake more cakes (full size, not cupcakes)
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2 Responses to 23 Things To Do While I’m 23

  1. Kelly says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Good luck on the list! I think knitting a full blanket sounds hard (or maybe just time consuming), but I want to make one too. Maybe next year for me though.

    • VeryZoe says:

      I’m going to try the ten stitch twist, which is a round version of the popular knitted ten stitch blanket. There’s a LAL running for June and July which lines up nicely with my mid year uni break so I figured I’d give it a shot.

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