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Celebrations and Preparations!

I have, for now anyway, finally caught up on all my uni assignments and am able to focus on my next big project. The book. Yipeeeee! Also eeeek! I’m so excited about being able to share my recipes with the world in such a fun way. Tomorrow I start working on the book in full scale, starting with a cover page, so I can show it off. Reading the paper on the train ride home this afternoon, I was a bit excited to read my horoscope (Which I know is just a bit of nonsense, but it’s fun too!)….. Continue reading

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CookBook- Grandma’s Date Loaf

I never used to be a fan of dates, but they first won me over when mum put them into chocolate date logs. Now I’m loving them in my Grandma’s date loaf with yummy walnuts and deliciousness. Grandma tells me that the recipe is hundreds of years old and she passed it on to me this weekend. Continue reading

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Tonight I Turned Off the TV

Tonight, I turned off the TV. Continue reading

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