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FilmCanister- PhotoShoot: Marigolds

One of my favourite science projects was in year 12, when we got to design a garden and then grow it. The group I was in grew green beans, cucumbers, potatoes, oregano and marigolds (calendulas). The cucumbers were the best I have ever tasted, and I’m keen to grow them again. But I also love, love, love marigolds. They make me think of the inch-work song, you know the one… “Inch worm, Inch worm, measuring the marigolds, seems to me, you’d stop and see, how beautiful they are… [etc]” And so, here are some photographs of Marigolds I took back in 2008 with my favourite point-and-shoot camera, enjoy! Continue reading

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I have this really great little ritual that I do every time I move house, rearrange my furniture or spruce up my room. And I didn’t even realise it was a ritual until yesterday when I did it again. You see, I have these gorgeous posters that used to belong to my mum (most of which are Anne Geddes photos of cute babies doing cute things in cute costumes!) and I like to have them covering my walls.

I first began using them way back when I was in primary school, and since then they’ve been displayed on countless walls of mine- bedroom walls, caravan walls (I used to have a caravan as a bedroom!!), house walls… anywhere I could put them I did. Each time they get put up, I go through the slow process of carefully peeling off the old hardened blu-tack and rolling fresh blu-tack on.

The corners of the posters have oily marks from layers of blu-tack, they’re a little bent from so much use, and some of the posters even have tears patched up with sticky-tape. But they mean so much to me, because my mum used to do the same thing with them- decorate her walls.

So yesterday, I put up my posters again, and I’m loving having them on the walls… Continue reading

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ProjectBox- Pastels

Today when the house was quite with the sounds of napping, I took a pad of pastel paper and my mum’s box of pastels outside to sit and let rainbows smudge beneath my fingers. I haven’t used pastels in a long time and it was fun rediscovering how much I enjoy playing with them! The first page I opened up to already had a sketch on it, one that my mum must have done back when she used to take life drawing classes. It was a nice surprise… Continue reading

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ProjectBox- New Idea: Excitement and Fear

I am equal parts over-the-moon-excited and totally-terrified about my new project, and I think that I can’t be the only person who feels this way about new ideas. New ideas can fill you with such a big feeling of excitement, of possibility. They can make you shine with joy and they can make you buzz with enthusiasm and adventure. But they can also be a bit scary. They can make you doubt yourself and they can taunt you with the potential of failure. But do you know what? It’s okay to feel both. In fact, if you aren’t afraid of failing… where’s the fun in it? Continue reading

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