20 Things to do WHILE I’m 20

Not before I turn 21, but while I’m 20. And yes, that was a inside joke between me and my dad, as well as a Bill Bailey reference. So here are 20 things I’d like to do while I’m 20:

  1. Build another classroom in a Watoto village in Uganda.
  2. Try out surfing in Vietnam.
  3. Do my nails like this.
  4. Stay up all night and photograph the sunrise. Just because I can.
  5. Have picnics at silly times (breakfast, dinner, midnight feast…)
  6. Go completely offline (internet, phone, everything!) for a whole week.
  7. Go camping (even if it’s just in the back yard!)
  8. Spend a week in complete silence. No talking!!
  9. Make my bed everyday for an entire month.
  10. Make a huge gift basket of hand-made goodies for a friend, just because.
  11. Embroider a large tree and bird on to my bright green dress.
  12. Complete at least 1 e-course fully.
  13. Start a Poem Journal.
  14. Watch Invisible Children.
  15. Make a flower wreath to wear in my hair, and then wear it a lot.
  16. Write a long letter to a new friend and post it snail mail style.
  17. Decorate my bike basket with flowers, stars and ribbons and ride all over town.
  18. Try a raw food diet for a fortnight.
  19. Make a cake with fondant icing.
  20. Go to a salon and get my hair dyed in rainbow colours!

What do you think? Anything I should add on? Do you have a life list? If you do, comment with the link so I can have a look :)

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    11 Responses to 20 Things to do WHILE I’m 20

    1. Thalia says:

      What a great idea!! I should totally do this, as I just had a birthday too! I’ll share my link soon :)

    2. Caitlin says:

      This is awesome Zoe! I especially love the nails idea, I would like to try that one! Good luck with the rest of it :D

    3. Anke says:

      And then tell me how!!! This is probably the only time in known creation that I have gone… “I want nails like that!”

    4. Anke says:

      Oooohhhh… And I’ll make sure I use a Russian, or Uzbekestanian newspaper! Or even a Vietnamese one!!! The exclamation marks are barely expressing my utterly sincere excitement. In fact, since the website is in french, I think I can figure out the instructions… Hmmm… I’ll let you know if it works.

      • VeryZoe says:

        Google translate does a pretty good job of translating the page. I use Chrome as my browser, so it sort of happens automatically for me. It’ll be Vietnamese newspaper for me if Caity and I do it when I visit her!

    5. Anke says:

      Is it wrong if I do this and I’m double 20?

    6. Cam Rogers says:

      This is brilliant. And I may nick a few of those for myself. Keen to see how you go with it. :)

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