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Tuesday Bonus! Because… I Thought It Might Be Fun!

I saw a cute post by Zoe of Giraffe In A Scarf over here and I thought I might join in on the fun! So here is a quick A-Z of things you probably don’t know about me. And if you do one yourself, comment with the link here and share the fun around! Continue reading

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CookBook- Uni Lunches

I started back at uni last week, and have been using my lovely lunch bags made by BonTons to inspire to make, pack and take my lunches everyday. On Monday I made a triple batch of Nori rolls, with the 4yo I’m living with as my kitchen helper. He really enjoyed helping me put them together, and he even tried one (after telling me he doesn’t like “that black stuff” [the seaweed] or mushrooms) and declared it to be delicious! Continue reading

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ProjectBox- International Craft Swap

After another week off (I started uni this week and forgot how time consuming it can be!) I’m back again with a quick post about how excited I am about the International Craft Swap being organised by Zoe of Giraffe In A Scarf! Continue reading

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